Fabian Miller

2023 Winner of the Central Desert Digital Art Prize

Fabian MillerFabian MillerFabian MillerFabian Miller
Fabian Miller

Fabian Miller ‘Miller’ is an Arrernte and Warlpiri artist creating performance and digital art works in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. Miller attends Bindi’s Digital Art Program weekly where he uses the Procreate program to create painterly, gestural compositions. Over the two year period that Miller has been attending, he has developed a strong abstract visual language through his artistic sensitivities.

“Fabian’s works show how expressive the digital medium can be. They are full of gesture and movement, with a clear and deliberate understanding of harmony, balance and colour palette. His work openly invites the viewer into his inner world.”
- Sally Mumford, Central Desert Digital Art Prize judging panel

Miller lives with disability, and is supported in realising his artistic intentions. At Miller’s direction, the iPad features and screen is navigated alongside occasional assistance to explore greater access to his desired paths through the digital platform. He engages assistants to explore brush types, achieving desired textures and patterns, as he fills his pixel canvases with emotive gestures and harmonious colour. Fabian Miller has been involved in multiple projects within Mparntwe for many years. He has been collaborating with Incite Arts since 2016 and is a member of the ‘Starts With D’ ensemble with his fellow artists and friends. In 2023, he was the first recipient of the Central Desert Digital Art Prize and has new projects in the works.

Peoples’ Choice Winners


Mickey Wallace

Michael (Mickey) Wallace is a Western Arrernte man living with disability in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. He enjoys drawing scenes that involve friends, family, places, and activities he loves. Mickey approaches his art making with a jovial attitude and has a lot of fun in this process. He has been accomplished in both his digital drawings and as an animator using the Procreate program.

Moving Image

Mickey Wallace

Telling the varied and thought-provoking stories of a group of artists with disability living in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, Strong Feelings shares their unique life journeys through a mixture of portraiture and storytelling; using costume, digital art, song, soundscapes, video and photography. Offering powerful immersive and sensory experiences, the diverse communities of Mparntwe/Alice Springs came together in celebration of the lives of people with disability as an equal and valued part of our cultural identity; building community pride about place and belonging.